What’s Your Flavor?

There are folks who stop in our store and want only chocolate fudge. Fudge, in their opinion can only BE chocolate! Anything else is, well, something else! And then there are those of us, including myself, who are attracted to all the non-chocolate possibilities!

Maybe that’s why I started experimenting with fudge in the first place! People often ask me how I come up with all the different flavors that we carry. Many things pique my curiosity, so sometimes those things end up being varieties of fudge.

One of our newest flavor combos, Lavender Lemonade, came about through trial and error and some yummy taste-testing! Getting the lemon and lavender flavors just right was actually easier than producing the lavender color. First, it was WAY too dark.

(Throw away that experiment.) Then, it was too bright. (More fudge in the trash.) Finally, I got JUST the perfect, pastel shade of fudge with JUST a hint of lavender, and VOILA……. Lavender Lemonade was born!

We debuted this beautiful new flavor at a fundraising event last week, and it was the hit of the evening! Everybody loved it, and that makes me SO happy!

SO, if you are a lemon lover, you can add lemon FUDGE to your list of favorite lemony treats! Stop in the store and have a taste, or order some Lavender Lemonade on our website, www.valleyfudgeandcandy.com. I guarantee you will love it!

Be sure to leave me a note if there is a certain flavor you are waiting for. I would LOVE to create it for you!