Salt Water Taffy

As I write this post, it is finally a beautiful Spring day in Western Wisconsin (Coon Valley to be exact).  Everyone is smiling- it’s been a VERY long winter! So…. our thoughts are turning to all things summer, and for me, to summer candy things, especially!  One candy that just screams summer to me is good, old-fashioned Salt Water Taffy!  These colorful little hunks of sweetness come in so many flavors, and everyone has a personal favorite. 

Our fresh boxes of taffy arrived just the other day, and it was like Christmas- well, maybe more like a day at the beach, as we opened up bag after bag of sweet deliciousness.  My new favorite is S’mores.  Let me tell you, it is to die for- and not nearly as sticky as trying to eat a S’more!  S’mores aren’t your thing?  Never fear!  We also have bins full of Banana Split, Lemon Lime, Root Beer Float, Blue Raspberry, Orange Swirl, State Fair Mix, Cotton Candy, Tropical Mix, Cookie Dough, Raspberry Peach, and Chocolate!  They’re almost too pretty to eat…. almost. 

So, if you’re in the mood for summer, be sure to stop in at our store in Thrifty Pickins in Coon Valley and bag up a mix of all your favorites!