Why We Do What We Do

I was listening to talk radio today while driving home from a long weekend of fun with kids and grandkids in family heaven, a/k/a Wisconsin Dells.

Linda & Steve Schulte

The topic of the radio program was marketing, and an expert asked the question, “Why Do We Do What We Do”?  Hmmm……… You know, our days are so busy that most small business people I know (if they’re anything like me), never stop long enough to think about that!

We are so busy making sure all the bases are covered day-to-day, that we can’t seem to make time for thinking about things like, Why Are We Doing This, Anyway?

I spent the rest of the drive home purposely thinking about just that- why DO I make fudge every day?  Actually, it wasn’t too hard for me to come up with the answer.  I make handmade fudge, pan by pan, day by day, because I love to see the smiles on people’s faces when they take that first bite!  I watch their eyes, and then I wait for something like O…M….G! or “This is amazing”  or “It’s so creamy”!!  After I get their reaction then it’s time for ME to smile and say, “I’m so glad you like it!”  

We often receive phone calls or e-mails from long-distance customers who have ordered from our website.  Their kind words often make my day.  One lady who had just received her first order with our Fudge of the Month Club, called to say that she thought she would have to join the Fudge of the Week Club- once a month was just not often enough!  Another customer emailed to thank us for the careful wrapping and personal note that we love to add in orders.

Every week we deliver hundreds of packages of fresh fudge to our retail partners who own shops and stores around the area.  I have often suggested that we hire a delivery guy to handle the route, which gets longer and longer. However, my hubby, Steve, is reluctant to give up this job.  Do you know why?  It’s because he loves the happy reactions he gets from our retail partners when he brings their crate of fudge into their store each week! When he arrives, it’s always a chorus of “The Fudge Guy is Here”!  “So glad you made it!  “We are almost out of fudge”!   So, he gets his weekly dose of motivation!  🙂

Yes, we are old enough to be “retired”, but why would we want to sit and just relax, when we can spend our days planting smiles and making friends with fudge?  

Why do you do what you do?