Is your organization, club or school looking to host a fundraiser? If so, you have come to the right place!

Our Valley Fudge & Candy team would love to co-host a fudge fundraiser with you!

We offer two fundraising format options: Traditional with paper OR online with a website.


BIGGEST BENEFIT: Your team earns 50% of total sales!

  • Your team selects up to 12 fudge flavors
  • We provide fundraising order form
  • Your team collects orders
  • We ship all fudge to the organization within 7-10 business days after completion
  • Your team delivers the fudge to customers with a smile

Shipping: Free shipping on orders of 250+ fudge packages

Example of paper form


BIGGEST BENEFIT: Your team emails, texts and/or shares the website link on social media for your family & friends to see. Then, we take care of the rest!

Your team earns 40% of total sales after shipping costs

  • Your team selects up to 12 fudge flavors
  • We create a specialized fundraising website with your team’s information
  • Your team directs customers to your fundraising website
  • Customers place their own orders
  • We ship orders directly to customers within 3-5 business days of their order being placed
  • Your happy customers receive their tasty fudge

Example of website


Email [email protected] to connect with our team and get started!

Please allow 12-14 days for our team to setup your fundraiser.

Recommended sale price: $12 per 1/2 pound package.

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