Fudge and Friends

One of my favorite avenues of fudge sales is craft shows- not a big surprise, right?  In fact, the main reason I started making fudge was so that I could participate in craft shows! I love talking to people, and we had just moved back home to be closer to family.  Everyone was talking about an upcoming craft show, and what each would be making and selling.  Well, I had a dilemma……… what could I do to be a vendor at the show?  Can’t sew a stitch, zero crafting ability.  Houston, we have a problem!  

I was feeling pretty left out until one day my hubby reminded me that my Grandma had always made fudge for my sisters and I when we were kids. I had told him how much we loved tasting it every Christmas. He suggested that I make some fudge to sell at the craft show.  Hmmm……… maybe he was on to something!  Long story short, I did make some fudge, and it sold like crazy!  Who knew???

So, here we are, 3 years later, I am a vendor at the very same craft show,  which brings me to the point of this story……. Finally.

For me, selling fudge is almost secondary to the fun and excitement of catching up with fellow crafters and old and new customers who stop by to sample fudge!  Yesterday, I looked up from my cutting board to find a dear friend from high school! We hadn’t seen each other since our days as college roommates!  What a wonderful chat we shared!  Yes, we do follow each other on Facebook, but having her stop by to see me in person after all these years- well, it just made my day!

I remember that first craft sale three years ago, because my sister, Mary, was helping me in the booth and introducing me to all of the local folks. I knew very few people by name back then.  Yesterday was a different story, as I could greet almost every customer by name!  Life in a small town is like a family, and I love it!  If you see me at a future craft show, I hope you’ll stop by and say “Hi”- and taste some fudge!