When Life Gives Us Lemons……….

When Life Gives Us Lemons……….  We Make Lemon Fudge!

I truly hope this post finds all of you safe and healthy on this, the day after Easter!

Here in Wisconsin, we were treated to a White Easter. 🙁  I do remember a few Easter Sundays over the years that have been more wintery than summery, but none of us have ever experienced anything like what’s going on in the world today, have we?

I’m reminded lately of this quote by John Lennon, “Life is what happens to you while you’re making other plans”.  

We had just returned in early March from a relaxing few weeks visiting family and friends in Arizona when the first news and dire warnings about the deadly Corona Virus came to light.  

Like so many other small businesses everywhereour store has now been closed since late March, as are most of the retail shops who buy fudge from us.  We are, however, permitted to manufacture our fudge, as usual, and more and more people are ordering that fudge directly from our website.  We are amazed by the increase in the number of online orders coming in every day!

Prior to the CO-VID19 pandemic, wholesale customers and craft fairs and sales made up the bigger parts of our business, but almost overnight those accounts closed, and our Facebook page and Website lit up.  Instead of packing up big orders to be sold to area shops, we are busy boxing up lots of individual orders going directly to the mailboxes of customers from California to New York.  

And, what’s best part of filling individual orders?  It’s the lovely notes, phone calls and emails from so many of those customers telling us how much they like the fudge we made for them. 

It’s a classic win-win situation.  We enjoy taking care of our customers, and they keep coming back for more of our fudge!

Another benefit of the present situation?  Our creative juices are flowing big time!  We are having fun creating new fudge flavors, and our occasional live video has become a regular Friday afternoon event!  Prior to Safer at Home orders, we were missing out on all the fun!    

Of course, we are only one of so many small businesses everywhere who are dealing with this uber-difficult situation, and our hats are off to all of them!  Please do whatever you can to support your neighbors whose businesses make up the main street of your community!  We all appreciate your loyalty VERY much!

So, stay healthy and safe, and remember, “When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade- or maybe Lemon Fudge!